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::::: Programmers (m/w/d) wanted :::::

I am looking for programmers to develop a kanji dictionary and a program to train reading Japanese texts quickly. Preferably with experience in creating applications for smartphones, tablets and / or desktop computers.

A character dictionary J.-English / German with approx. 7,000 kanji and almost 50,000 compound words. Three special features when searching using a graph (part of a character):
   • Only 80 graphemes (compared to the usual 214).
   • Up to three graphemes per kanji as search elements.
   • Search function for compound words via each / several of the kanji contained therein.

Learning Kanji in Context
   • Approx. 6,000 Japanese sentences with English and German translation.
   • All sentences are transcribed with kana and roman letters.
   • Treadmill function with different speed levels.
The order of presentation is based on pedagogic principles, preceding from simple and frequently occurring characters and words to those that are more complex and occur less often.
The sentences illustrate the usage of more than 1,000 kanji and approx. 5,000 compound words from the books "Japanese Kanji and Kana" and "Kanji und Kana".

Wolfgang Hadamitzky


Wolfgang Hadamitzky

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