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I have developed two systems for the look-up kanji or kanji compounds, for which I offer licenses. Possible usage is: publishing, scientific and educational institutions, and private use.

The system of 79 Radicals was designed for books. It is used in all lexicographical publications dealing with kanji listed on the page Works: Books, including the volume 1 of the book Kanji & Kana.

To look up kanji in electronic databases, I have developed the system of 80 Graphemes, also called the “Kanji Search System” (KSS). Both MacSUNRISE programs listed on the page Works: Electronic Publications make use of this system.

Both systems are explained in several articles. Bibliographical informations about these articles are available on the page Works: Articles.

Those who are interested in obtaining a license for one or both of these systems, please mail to w@hadamitzky.de.

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